Collectible Magic For Sale:


Magic Wagon Blue Phantom; SOLD

Viking Okito Style Hindu Cups, limited edition; SOLD

Original Collector's Workshop Card Duckling; $325 IMAGE, CLICK HERE Reduced to SOLD

Owen Magic Supreme Rice, Orange, and Checkers, oriental motif; $600

Lassen dollar size coin box set; Okito, Boston, slot; SOLD IMAGE, CLICK HERE

Milson Worth Chinese Flame Clock; $375

Eric Hansen Chop Cup; tennis ball load.  SOLD

Light Bulb Monte (poor man's Wellington Switchboard).  SOLD

Delben Blotter (made by Ben Stone).  SOLD

Vintage Watch Box.  SOLD

Vintage chromed hank vanish tube, circa 1920.  $25

Miini Tricky Bottles, chromed tubes, U.F. Grant.  $35

Milson Worth Card Box.  SOLD

Milson Worth Coin of the Realm.  SOLD

Vintage George Kirkendall Okito Box.  Fifty cent size.  Hallmarked.  SOLD

Milson Worth Standard Die Box.  SOLD
Tannen Die Box.  SOLD
Schoolraft 3CM.  SOLD

RNT2 Mini Monti Cups in brass.  $125

RNT2 Mini Monti Cups in Satin Finish Copper.  SOLD
Rings 'N Things Monti Cups in church bronze.  SOLD
WWII Ammo Cups in brass.  Set of 3 made from anti-aircraft guns.  $75

Viking Magic Backstage (Aldini).  SOLD
Al Cohen Quarter Sorter (Original 1984 set).  $100
Vegas Coins.  SOLD

Mikame Zig-Zag Soda Can.  $175  IMAGE, CLICK HERE
Mikame Hopping Table.  SOLD  IMAGE, CLICK HERE
Owen Magic Supreme custom cups and balls table.  $250  IMAGE, CLICK HERE

Wild Magic Blade Runner.  SOLD
Porper Poker Chip Surprise.  SOLD
Rings 'N Things Magic Catalog (red).  $30
Rings 'N Things Magic Catalog (faded red).  $15

English Pennies; Queen Victoria (old head 1895-1905).  $2 each.  12 available.

Vintage Don Redmon Square Circle.  Circa 1950's.  SOLD  IMAGE, CLICK HERE